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Receiving << Mail Delivery Failed System >> fake Emails Problem

If you receive hundreds of Mail delivery failed system fake Emails,so we need to know why this problem happened.

There are Different Cases for this problem to make it happened :

first: You may have strong virus or worm on your computer,most common problem like these issues are with AntiVirus

  • Use an original Antivirus so it can protect your emails and your computer.
  • Setup your Antivirus and run it so , you can scan your Computer.
  • If you didn`t have an original Antivirus we advice you to use NOD32 ESET

Second: your password is not strong enough and it is stolen by Spammers

  • Change your password
  • Make sure that your password is very strong 11 character contains Capital and small letters & numbers.

If you tried those two methods and it didn`t work so let`s go to the third step.

Third: Your mail is collected by Email harvester and so the spammers collect that mail list and put your mail in the reply to and start send to million randoms mails and whatever fake of them, it makes a mail delivery failed system and it back to you.

  1. So it is usually best to ignore them.
  2. Try to contact our support ,so we can block the Domains that mails comes from
  3. Block this mails through:

The Outlook or Windows Mail :

  1. Open a message from the undesired sender or highlight it in the message list.
  2. Select  Junk E-mail | Add Sender to Blocked Senders List(Windows Mail) from the menu.
  3. Select Actions | Junk e-mail | Add sender's domain to blocked senders list (or Message | Junk E-mail | Add Sender's Domain to Blocked Senders List) from the menu to block messages not only from this sender but from all addresses at the same domain (what follows the '@' sign).

If you need more help, please don`t hesitate to contact us

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